Welcome to NESA

NASR Ex- Students Association 
Nasr welcomes its alumni to register and log in. The objective is to connect and extend yourself to the vast group of friends and teachers, all of who have a common thread of being associated with Nasr and spending our formative years here.Through this platform, we would like to give back to society by supporting social causes, education of under privileged children, and being a supportive network for all Nasrites. 
Our alma mater, Nasr, was founded in April 1965, by Begum Anees Khan, the founder principal, who believed that she could successfully co-operate with parents in the education of their children. Her aim was to provide children an all-round education, which would broaden their experience, their outlook to life and provide them with the academic and cultural foundation to lead successful and fulfilling lives.
 Today, we are testimony that stands proud as one of the leading and exclusive girls schools in India.