Due to lot of   changes in the  state and central government  Acts., in India    for the last few years,  the small and medium entrepreneurs   have been facing  several problems  in fulfilling the various requirements  of  different Government departments and in filing their “e” returns.

At present  most of the   entrepreneurs are  running from consultant to consultant like pillar to post  to complete the various returns/works of various departments, leaving  their main object “Business” aside.


After closely observing the problems facing by the small and medium entrepreneurs,  and as we trust “an idea can change your life” we got an idea of bringing all the State and Central Government departmental works  under one roof under the name and style  "SGS TAX INDIA"

As "SGS TAX INDIA" has derived from the needs of  small and medium entrepreneurs, we will attend all departmental works. As We  believe Mahatma Gandhi’s quotation “Customer is God” we will treat our customers as such by maintaining  the cordial relationship with them.